Thursday, 9 August 2012

How to wear a maxi skirt

Have you noticed I've had a facelift? Not me personally, I'd never do that - much easier to take the pain-free alternative and chop my head off in photographs. No. After four years with the same tired expression, That's Not My Age finally called in the image doctor and succumbed to an injection of Blogger's Botox. And the old facade looks so much better, don't you think?

As well as trying hard not to think about the end of the Olympics (day 13 and counting) and the state of the economy, this summer I've been making the most of my J Crew jersey maxi skirt. Here I am in the outfit du jour, The Perfect Blue Shirt and a pair of old flip flops. And yes, I know the Flip Flop Dress Code: wear them indoors or on holiday, but it was over 30 degrees in London that day and I was in a rush. Alright?

So, having sauntered around the city all summer, with dirty feet, my tips for wearing maxi skirts are:

1. Always wear flat shoes. Make that leather sandals in summer and brogues in winter.
2. With a slim-fitting long skirt you can play around with dimensions. A looser top that nips/tucks in at the waist - like my jaunty knotted shirt -  is a good option.
3. Hitch up your skirt when using the stairs, public transport, and the bathroom.

And as promised, here I am at the Olympic Park wearing J Crew jersey skirt number two and my lovely Team GB T-shirt. Forty eight medals so far! Not bad eh?


Semi Expat said...

40 a great haul so far!! Trying to keep a little quiet here in Oz - Aussies are VERY competitive and not doing so well oh dear..
Love the stripes and the nail polish to go with the outfit du jour too. x

Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

I still feel big and old in maxi skirts, but your suggestions may convince me to give them another try!

Patti said...

These maxis are fabulous - I love a knit for a long skirt, and I really like the cool casual ways you styled them! Hooray for the home team too.


Beautiful skirts and you wear them well!


the gardener's cottage said...

love your face lift. i happen to be working on one myself:)

and i so agree with the way you are wearing your maxi today. so chic!

Lilac In May said...

Love both looks, and the blog lift looks more 'refreshed' than wind tunnel!

kathy peck said...

The blog's face lift looks great. Clean and minimal.
I just bought my first maxi skirt (since the 70's) and I think it also looks good with short, flat, chunky boots? What do you think?

That's Not My Age said...

Kathy - now there's an idea! Yes, I think ankle boots (a la Helena Bonham Carter) would look great.

materfamilias said...

Great styling in both photos, so easy, casual, but stylish at the same time. I picked up a Gap maxi-dress, jersey, slim-fitting navy-white horizontal thin stripes -- it's been very versatile with sandals, but I hadn't thought I'd wear it much into the fall. I'll have to try it with brogues, as you suggest. I have worn it with loafers and that seems to work well. And I really like Kathy's suggestion re chunky flat boots.
Congrats on those 40 medals -- impressive haul!

Vix said...

Your bod looks fab in the maxi, can't say anything about the rest of you, considering you've chopped it off!
Flip flops or boots with mine, hate to see fussy shoes peeking out. I've only got a couple of modern jersey ones (from jumbles, natch). Tying them in a knot to one side looks good and stops me going arse over tit! x

mette said...

Your blog had a face wash, and it looks clean and updated now.
I have nothing against maxi skirts, but like mid-calf length better for myself ( perhaps due to my long calves ).
The maxi skirts are ok for you though.

Jean at said...

I will forever love my maxis. Love how you've styled yours. Occasionally I'll wear a chunky heel or wedge with or without a platform if the dress is really long. That tends to look better with a maxi that's a bit a-line. But still, rules (even my own!) are made to be broken, right? I figure just have a good mirror, and have fun.

Enjoy the rest of your time in London!

Veshoevius said...

Blogger botox is the best - love the maxi skirt and yes hitching up essential - I nearly went flying after stepping on the hem of a maxi on stairs - that taught me!
Team GB are on fire! But I think I've had quite enough of hearing God Save the Queen now!

The Style Crone said...

Loving the new look of your blog! And you really know how to wear a maxi. I always have a few in my closet.

Angele Style said...

I have never even tried on a maxi but when I see then on others such as yourself I think they look so feminine. I tell myself at 5'3 it would not look good and then I will see someone shorter than myself in one and it looks great too. You have inspired me to at least try one on.

Pixl said...

You look super in a maxi. I tend to wear long skirts because I'm self conscious about my legs. But really, they're not that bad - today I am wearing a red, white and blue mini dress (that I usually wear with jeans).


Now - don't you be cutting your face out of pix!!!


Bella Q said...

The blog looks great- clean and easy to read. Congrats to your bloggers botox, lol. PS: great striped maxi.

Fashion for Aliens said...

I'm just back from the States and had a wee spree in J.Crew. It's marvellous and I feel totally Michelle'd in my new lightweight sweaters for Fall.

While I was away Andy Murray won a Gold Medal, so obviously we need to keep travelling whenever there is a major tennis tournament on to ensure his continued success.

And in the spirit of TNMA big up the GB equestrian team-medal winners in their 50s

Ann Elizabeth said...

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Lesley said...

Love a maxi-skirt ... but no good on women like me with thighs, bums and tums.
If I had a teenager's body like you, well, that would be a totally different story.

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