Friday, 30 March 2012

Gudrun Sjoden opens London shop

Today's post was a toss up between British Design and Scandinavian Style. Can you guess which one won? That eye-catching combination of colour and print should be a dead giveaway. And no, it's not Zandra Rhodes' house. Cult Swedish designer Gudrun Sjoden has just opened a store in London - and I figured you've probably reached your threshold of Great British Style posts this week, anyway. So, time to give the blog a boost with some Scandinavian Pinkness. And, as we're off to New York this afternoon, I don't have the time to analyse the V&A's latest exhibition: British Design 1948-2012, let alone blog, or pack a suitcase. (Digested review: as a gallery-going Londoner, I've  seen a lot of the work before. It's a bit patchy but worth seeing if you're visiting London or looking for a neatly packaged summary of post-war design). Here's Gudrun:

Now, this is maybe something of a generalisation but I'd say we Brits are pretty reserved when it comes to clashing brights and vibrant tones. We leave that kind of thing to much braver women, like Yayoi Kusama and Gudrun Sjoden So, I'm inclined to agree with the lovely Rossana Mariano (below), over from Stockholm for the shop launch last night, who whispered to me, ' When you get older, it's important to wear clothes you feel comfortable in. I probably shouldn't say this but...don't throw on too much colour. For me, a scarf or simple top is enough.'

Rossana Mariano keeps it simple.

And that would be my advice too. Throw a jaunty scarf over neutral basics or team a colourful jacket with jeans and brogues - and if all else fails, stick to striking homewares.

Gudrun Sjoden's UK flagship store opens today at 65-67 Monmouth Street, London WC2.


Alison Cross said...

That's good advice about the splashes of colour on neutrals.

Shop looks lovely, fancy those cushions!

Ali x

materfamilias said...

I agree about the need to take care with colour as we get older, but it certainly lifts the spirits to look at -- this is such a cheery post and I imagine the shop must be delightful to visit -- hard to resist a pillow or two . . .

mette said...

I must confess ( the second time already, if I remember correctly ), that I´m not liking the G. S. line. Back to the hippie-age.
But, surprise, surprise, your post on Mary Katrantzou , got me inspired in a big and expensive way ; ).

The Style Crone said...

I love the colors! Have a great time in NY. I just returned from the city on Tuesday, and savoring the memories.

carolinethe moon said...

gudrun clothes are amazing at any age
for the uneducated
get her catalogue
the models are all different ages and look stunning in all sorts of colourways and design
if you like it who gives a jot what others think --your all a long time dead
her clothes are vibrant make you feel alive get rid of the london look and get the gudrun look
its great stuff for the people like me who were born in the 50s
and we were the original flower power people and yes we still like to wear the clothes of that era .
im 59 and dont care what anyone thinks of my gudrun outfits . i LOVE THEM
it beat the trash all the chain stores chuck out anyday
so go buy yourself some fun and wear it to bed if your so bothered by other peoples thoughts
its so oh dear shes not wearing grey or black or white --boring people .
caroline the moon

That's Not My Age said...

Caroline, Thanks for your comment. I love the way Gudrun uses models of all ages, I was lucky enough to go to one of her fashion shows in Stockholm and all the older models looked stunning. And there were lots of Gudrun fans at the shop launch, every single one looked fabulous. Nothing wrong with Flower Power, in my humble opinion.

That's Not My Age said...

Mette - think we need to see your Mary Katrantzou purchase!

little polly p said...

I was born late 40s. There's nothing new and these clothes are very reminiscent of the " false hippy" Cloth Kits in the 70s. Have a friend who buys these clothes- and have seen them in Sweden. Colours are amazing, not quite my taste, but nevertheless, lovely. So " not my age", though- the clothes are rather shapeless and a bit too " granny" for me... even at my age! Just trying a bit too hard, maybe?

carol said...

How very dull to have to wear safe beige, black and grey - to match our fading skin tones I suppose! At 68 I am energised every day by my GS clothes, especially when the skies are as grey as this summer.

Cate said...

Sally, over at Always Pretty, directed me to GS as inspiration for clothes to wear with Birkenstocks during the winter. They are the only shoe I can wear these days due to Planter Fasciatiis--ironically developed while exercising--and the styles work well with this kind of shoe.

Broad Paul said...

Cult Swedish designer Gudrun Sjoden has just opened a store in London - and I figured you've probably reached your threshold of Great British Style posts this week, anyway. So, time to give the blog a boost with some Scandinavian Pinkness. serviced apartments london