Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Drawing Inspiration

That's Not My Age loves Rachel Whiteread. The 47-year-old artist known for casting 'negative space' or inside-out sculptures of everyday objects (chairs, tables, baths) currently has a selection of drawings on show at Tate Britain. And they are beautiful. I love her use of Tippex to blot out buildings in photographs, and her postcards with holes punched out. More negative space.

Whiteread and Robyn Denny are two British artists who have inspired Jaeger's spring/summer 2011 collection. Now, when I looked for deconstructed tailoring and absent accessories on the catwalk, they weren't there, but a monochrome tuxedo jacket and gorgeous parchment-coloured parka are now occupying some of my mental space. Spooky.

The following pictures of Whiteread's 1993 Turner Prize-winning sculpture, House are from the TNMA library. This monument - the inside of a Victorian building cast in concrete - was knocked down by the local authority, fortunately I still have the positive memory captured on film. That's Not My Age trawled through a lot of old photographs to find these pictures and in doing so it struck me that a combination of the digital revolution and the fact that me and the Blog Widower have been together a mere seven years, has created a negative space in my photo album where Mr That's Not My Age should be.

Do I need to reverse this omission immediately? Or should I look at it from Whiteread's perspective and view this absence as a presence?

Rachel Whiteread drawings is on at Tate Britain until January 16 2011


Rachel Whiteread: Rachel Whiteread/Gagosian Gallery London and Hammer Museum, Los Angeles
Jaeger: style.com


Fashionistable said...

This is a great post. I love Rachel Whiteread too. Are they really tippex bubbles amongst the columns? The shots from the Jaeger show are beautiful.


Thanks for this ... I rely on you to keep me in touch - will try to catch this exhibition later this autumn.

Vintage Vixen said...

Thank for introducing me to Rachel Whiteread's work, I love it. The picture of the Taj Mahal with the bubbles is definately something I'd be happy to grace my walls with.
You need Mr TMNA in some photographs, we're notorious for only snapping locals and scenery when we're out and about. Get him superimposed on your pictures pronto. xxx

heidi adnum said...

Love it. Thanks :)

That's Not My Age said...

Fashionistable - the bubbles are holes punched out of the postcard not Tippex (don't think I made that clear?)

Vix - so true! I have tons of holiday snaps of scenery and buildings, hardly any of me & Mr TNMA together and lots of Mr TNMA but they're all on my hard-drive. I must get some proper photos taken/printed.

Christina @ Fashion's Most Wanted said...

My favourite is the arches and the holes. I'm really loving Jaeger too. I have a really old camel/tan cashmere coat of theirs which is still going strong. I might have to wheel it out for this season. Hope you're good xx