Monday, 2 March 2015

Inspirational Women: Linda Rodin

Linda Rodin is a homebody who loves fashion and culture and taking her dog Winky for a good, long walk. This is one of my favourite illustrations from Style Forever and talking to Linda on the phone was an absolute joy. She shared some good advice:

'Forget about the wrinkles and focus on the silhouette.'

I hope to meet Linda next time I'm in New York. Now, wouldn't that be fabulous? Style Forever is available to pre-order HERE.

Saturday, 28 February 2015

Bolivian grandmas playing handball

Photos: Juan Karita/AP

These glorious photos make me want to take up netball, again. Every Wednesday in the city of El Alto Bolivian women meet to play handball. According to NBC News more than 10, 000 seniors take part in this keep fit programme. 'There are days when my knees hurt from rheumatism, but when I play it goes away,' said 77-year-old Rosa Lima who started exercising seven years ago (and recently moved on to handball).

Gotta keep moving, people.

Thursday, 26 February 2015

Nike Air Max City Collection

Having collaborated with Liberty for a couple of seasons, Nike have now created their own range of floral print Air Max sneakers. There's a selection of different patterns all named after different cities and printed onto leather. So, the one above is Milan, the monochrome print is New York and the red rose represents London. This is a blooming good idea (sorry). My Liberty print Air Max are the most comfortable shoes I've ever worn but three years down the line the fabric is looking a bit grubby and I'm not one for throwing trainers into washing machines. The Nike Air Max City Collection of floral print trainers launches on International Women's Day - and I'm wondering if it's going to get the same reception as Harriet Harman's pink bus?

Global Montage

What do you think?

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

How to stay stylish forever

And now for the most surreal thing I've ever typed: I was on the cover of the Daily Mail, and so was Mick Jagger. Not together, mind. But at least I was in good company. (see HERE for evidence) Just a couple of weeks until the book launch and so the newspaper ran an exclusive feature including excerpts from Style Forever alongside more general tips and advice and photographs of yours truly looking all glamourous and airbrushed. As an old school friend's sister commented on Facebook, 'So different from the mad punk rocker who turned up at my wedding.'

These are my three favourite outfits from the shoot. And here are the details:

Casual Glamour: The tuxedo jacket in the top picture is from Jaeger available HERE, linen t-shirt by Hush is available HERE and the trousers are Eileen Fisher. Shoes, LK Bennett, available HERE.

How to wear colour: The red Milano wool coat is from Winser London, stripy t-shirt by Jigsaw is available HERE, white stretch jeans by Hobbs available HERE and Derby shoes Hobbs available HERE.

My favourite new thing: the jumpsuit is from Reiss, available HERE.

Read the feature (and see more photos) HERE.

Monday, 23 February 2015

Why do older women have short hair?

This is a question the Guardian asked me, and so I explained that hair changes texture and loses pigment as we get older and shorter hair is easier to manage. Though having said that, not all older women have short hair. And  I’m a firm believer in doing (and wearing) what you like, rather than following generic rules.

So, I turned the feature into 'three of the best ageless hairstyles'. First up, the grown-up crop as worn magnificently by actresses Kristin Scott Thomas and Julie Walters. Next, the tousled bob. Anna Wintour's power bob may have reigned the fashion world for decades but the looser, choppier version of this classic style feels fresher, right now. Sienna Miller has the hairstyle du jour - maybe the actress is finally getting her own back for being made to wear a wig in the September Issue?

Sienna Miller's hair is getting shorter as the actress matures

Then back to the belief that as you get older, hair should become shorter – there are loads of elegant women with fabulous long hair to disprove this notion. In the grey corner we have one of the founders of London Fashion Week, Wendy Dagworthy (who doesn't love a nifty top knot?).

And in the non-grey corner, Oscar-winning actress Julianne Moore:

You can read the full feature HERE including advice on how to create each look, products to use and tips from top colourist Josh Wood, hair stylist to Alexa Chung and Gwyneth Paltrow George Northwood and Andy Heasman artistic director at Rush Hair.